Join us for a spell-binding & inspiring performance by the immensely talented Miracle on Wheels troupe - India’s first inclusive therapeutic dance theatre, promoting abilities of  differently-abled people, inspiring and transforming the lives by giving dignity, equality and empowerment through dance theatre and skill education.

Their pioneering work has created socio-cultural equality & excellence in art & culture for the differently abled which is the first of its kind in the world. They have performed widely across India, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Muscat, Moscow, Malaysia, South Africa and have won National and International recognition for their mind-blowing performances in the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records.

Miracle On Wheels
India's first wheelchair dance

Welcome note by Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India, APAC  & MENA

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.,
SHRM-SCP, President & CEO, SHRM
Achal Khanna

Bitfulness is being effortlessly mindful of technology. Hear the authors elaborate on The Art of Bitfulness - as they discuss peacefully co-existing with various devices, with the help of a framework to tune out the overwhelming noise of the internet.

Nandan Nilekani
Co-Founder & Chairman, Infosys Technologies Limited
Tanuj Bhojwani
Fellow, iSPIRT Foundation
Achal Khanna

While technology is undoubtedly among the leading factors impacting business disruption, it often takes a lot more than technology alone to ensure business success. The pandemic has accelerated the trend where organizations need to also consider the human side, to make digital transformation succeed. Leaders need to ensure the right digital culture and the way its people interact with technology for digital success. This session will explore actionable insights for leaders to improve digital leadership and culture in their organizations.

Seema Nair
Senior EVP and Head - People Development Group, RIL

Hybrid work brought with it a unique set of perks, as well as challenges. With the flexibility, came the perils of weakened cybersecurity and its devastating after-effects. As the threat of malware attacks loom, organizations are having to ramp up their efforts to secure safe usage of technology and identify trusted devices so as to protect the emotional wellbeing of its people. This session explores how blockchain technology and quantum mechanics can be used to fortify your organization's cybersecurity safety net.

Rajesh Dhuddu
SVP & Global Head, Tech Mahindra

In the future of work, it's no longer going to be managers managing tasks of their teams - instead, managers who can work with their teams to help create a balance between work and life, connect them to people across the organization that they need to work with to be successful, and to help them think about their long-term careers will be the differentiator. This session discusses the ins and outs of managing smart workforces.

Alexander Alonso
Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, Chief Knowledge Officer, SHRM

Talking about Personal Finance and Money is often frowned upon in our society. This lack of prudent financial planning has pushed masses into the threat of financial stress, which adversely affects all aspects of their lives, including in the workplace. Organisations and HR leaders are now tasked with uplifting their workforce from their financial perils. With the concept of Financial Inclusion gathering steam, Earned Wage Access (EWA) is being looked at as a highly popular option to relieve employees of unnecessary financial stress. This session discusses the feasibility of implementing practices such as this, to improve the financial well-being of employees.

Shailin Suvarna
Chief Growth Officer, Refyne

Enabling people to bring their best versions to work, and ensuring profitability of businesses, while keeping the sustainability in focus is the need of the hour. This conversation will help understand how worktech will help to achieve these objectives.

Leena Sahijwani
HR Leader - Change Enabler, Tata Group
Prasad Rajappan
Founder & CEO, ZingHR

Running payroll can be a big nightmare. There are different rules for different taxes, labor laws are so complex, and the challenges are never ending. But as with every challenge, there is also an opportunity to solve the challenges with innovative solutions. RazorpayX Payroll aims to simplify running payroll through automated salary calculation, payroll processing, employee onboarding, statutory compliance, and other HR activities. It protects you from all the paperwork and misunderstanding associated with running a payroll, all in just 3 clicks.

Rohit Venugopal
Senior Business Manager, Razorpay

As companies and workplaces undergo tremendous transformation due to new technologies, workforces are also being transformed due to the presence of several generations at work. This discussion explores ways to ensure today’s truly multigenerational workforce comprising Boomers to Zoomers, does not create challenges due to different communication styles, work practices, and expectations from employers, and instead create significant opportunities, as different generations bring different experiences and skillsets.

Abhijit Bhaduri
Founder, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates
Raju Mistry
President & Global Chief People Officer, Cipla
Kalpana Bansal
Head - Careers, Competencies & Assessment, Reliance Industries Ltd
Chaitanya Peddi
Co-Founder & Product Head, Darwinbox
Seema Trikannad
EVP & Chief of HR & Management Services, SBI Life Insurance

For long, HR has played the ‘facilitator’ of functions, and its success has been associated with phrases like ‘employee delight’, ‘employee retention’ and ‘cost efficiencies’.

Any future scoping of business has been led by other functions in the  board room. The post-pandemic metamorphosis of the business world, however, has suddenly thrown the gauntlet to the HR, and at this critical point in time, circumstances have put the spotlight firmly on the HR leader to bring about business transformations that can show the way to better productivity and new order of working. It is time the HR Leaders take the centre stage in Board room discussions, with a little support from technology.

Mukul Jain
Founder & CEO, HONO

It has been proven time and again that the advancement of any business is linked to the success of its people. While some schools of thought believe that with software, agile thinking and the use of project teams to get work done, the days of personal supervision are over, empowering middle managers with a free hand to remove obstacles, facilitate imagination and inspire motivation has a growing fan following. This panel discusses the perks of leveraging middle managers to drive innovation and productivity thereof.

Rajan Kalia
Co-Founder, Salto Dee Fe
Jaspreet Bindra
Founder, Tech Whisperer Ltd
Rohit Thakur
Rohini Seth
CHRO, Jubilant Bhartia Group

Post pandemic, employees are scattered everywhere, and it is imperative to bring health benefits within the reach of every employee, no matter where they are. 

To ensure the same, MFine is launching Cashless OPD Wallet backed by UPI, acceptable across all health care partners.

In addition to a thorough online network and a very elaborate physical network of doctors, labs, pharmacies, dental and eye clinics, MFine Wallets can also be configured to be accepted by any healthcare partner with UPI.

Here's to a healthier and happier workforce!

Amit Singhi

Managers can't compete with artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to some areas of decision-making and trust building, according to certain broad new global studies of workers. But rather than viewing this as an indictment of managers, this session showcases divergent views on what organizations can expect to create a more human workplace.

Mimi Brooks
CEO, Logical Design Solutions Inc.
Founder & CEO, Wequity

We are living an earned life when the choices, risks, and effort we make in each moment align with an overarching purpose in our lives, regardless of the eventual outcome. Know more about discovering the steps to earning your path to fulfillment and living without regrets - from the world-renowned executive coach and New York Times bestselling author himself.

Marshall Goldsmith
Executive Coach, Leadership Thinker & Best Selling Author
Saahil Mehta
Decluttering Coach Mountaineer Author Keynote Speaker Entrepreneur

At the SHRM Tech '22 Happy Hours in the Exposition Hall

Special Launch : SHRM HR Influencers Ranking 

Not to miss Fun. Games and Evening Drinks

Talent intelligence is rising as a more thorough approach to talent management. It enables companies to identify the industry-function competencies required for each role in their workforce using internal and external data and information. Companies need to build talent intelligence to manage and positively respond to these tectonic shifts:
• Introduction of hybrid/remote work at scale
• Accelerated digitalization in day-to-day work
• The evolving organizational structures with the addition of gig workers

In this session, you will learn:
• Framework for understanding Talent Intelligence and developing talent intelligence systems to identify the role-specific competencies
• Digital-experiential journeys to drive competencies based on your organization’s talent intelligence & development framework
• Deep dive into a sample experiential journey for a specific competency in Catalyx, our in-house Talent Intelligence platform

John Cherian
Co-founder & Executive Director, Enparadigm

As technology transforms the world of work, learning is moving from the periphery to the core of corporate strategy. Upskilling is quickly becoming a business imperative, and hiring managers are teaming up with talent developers to ensure that business leaders have the talent they need to thrive. This session explores how organizations can leverage technology to foster a culture of learning.

Nitya Vijaykumar
Sr. Knowledge Advisor, SHRM India
Dibyendu Bikash Bose
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Admissions & Financial Aid, Indian School of Business
Amit Sharma
CHRO, Volvo group
Mayank Gupta
Director, Human Capital (Human Capital Partner), Optum Global Solutions Private Limited
Sunny Verma
Head - Learning & Organizational Development, JBM Group
Jeeva .Balakrishnan
Chief Talent Officer, Reliance Retail

The talent landscape in India in the technology sector is a complex phenomenon, and the causal linkage of talent’s contribution to the value of the organization is perhaps the strongest in the technology space. This session explores the disruption that tech can cause in the new age economy coupled with changing consumer preferences to acquire, retain and engage tech talent. 

Nishith Upadhyaya
Nishith Upadhyaya
Sr. Director, Advisory Services, SHRM
Mona Puri
Executive Director, HR India & Asia Pacific & Global HRBP for Global Safety Services, Parexel
Aditya Kohli
CHRO, Orient Electric
Yugandhar Penubolu
Founder, Winzard Solutions Private Limited & Badi Soch Innovations Private Limited
Sharat Sawhney
DGM Product Management, HONO

The Future of Workforce is changing and Remote Work will form a key part of any Future Delivery Model. Organisations need to plan for a Digital Workforce, operating flexibly to improve service effectiveness, resiliency and efficiency whilst attracting and retaining relevant talent.

Understanding the perspective of employees and integrating it into the future delivery model requires multiple aspects, some of which we will cover:

  • Building a future-fit workforce which is adaptive, data-inspired & resilient
  • Implication on operating model, talent attraction and retention
  • How to build organization culture in a Hybrid environment
  • Driving collaboration, efficiency & transparency in hybrid working
  • Leveraging technologies to deliver on an integrated roadmap across HR, Business and IT teams
  • Importance of Workplace Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making
Arvind Sagar

The road to workplace transformation is always challenging, more so in our current uncertain world that is changing at a very high pace with an overload of information and the continual rise of technologies.  This session discusses why and how organizations can leverage a digital mindset to ensure hiring right and upskilling its workforce for sustainable workplaces. 

Nitya Vijaykumar
Sr. Knowledge Advisor, SHRM India
Sorabh Bajaj
Vice President, Business Excellence, Sunstone
Parul Varghese
Anuradha Bharat
Vice President - People Operations, Razorpay

The role of employers when it comes to employee wellbeing is undisputed. As FinTech is helping make financial services more accessible to an increasing number of people, workplace financial wellness initiatives, including programs and tools to create more productive, loyal, satisfied and engaged employees is now a definite possibility. This session will help explore the nuances of understanding why ensuring financial wellness of employees is critical to business success and ways to go about achieving this.

Amaresh Singh
CHRO, GE South Asia
Sanjay Muthal
CEO, Kontempore Leadership & Business Solutions
Manuel Dsouza
inGROUP Consulting Services LLP

Digital transformation is as much about technology, as it is about people. The HR digital revolution is here and moving at rapid speed, and organizations are looking for new, effective, productive ways to meet the evolving demands of doing business with agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy. Clearly, the moment leaders think about investing in technology, they should first think about investing in the people who can make that technology work. This session explores how an organization's ability to adapt to an increasingly digital future depends on closing the gap between talent supply and demand, and future-proofing team members’ potential is critical for business success. 

Harlina Sodhi
CEO & Co-Founder, Believe In Yourself
Sushant Dwivedy
Managing Director, SHL
Anjali Chatterjee
CHRO, Air Asia
Satish Rajrathnam
Sr. VP HR & Global Head - Strategic Resourcing, Mphasis

As organizations learn more about the employee experience during the coronavirus pandemic, data has emerged suggesting that employers will have to adopt new approaches and invest in technology that helps them listen, learn and improve the worker experience. This session explores ways in which HR managers may lead the way, as they build mature employee experience programs.

Bhakti Dharod
Head-HR, IDfy
Amit Sharma
CHRO, Volvo group
Paras Kaushik
CHRO, Hindustan Times Media Group
Hema Mani
Regional Director - HR, Lennox India Technology Centre & LASEC

The fact that AI helps HR departments to improve the candidate and employee experience by automating repetitive tasks and making more time available to focus on the more strategic, creative work that HR teams need to get done is well known. This session explores ways to move to the next curve of leveraging technology by building and supporting strategic partnerships through Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Varun Sachdeva
APAC Recruitment & Business Leader, NLB Services
Jaspreet Bakshi
Partner, HR Leader for Global In-House Centre, India, Marsh McLennan
Anuj Kathuria
Chief People and Strategy Officer, Waaree Group
Abhijit Bhaduri
Founder, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates

HR technology moved to centre stage in recent times. As technology becomes a key solution to improving hiring practices and enhancing employee journeys, it is important to consider the entire gamut of expectations from the leadership from the lens of employees. This session explores some of the best practices to help achieve employee delight.

Randeep Singh
Chief Operating Officer, HONO
Vishpala Reddy
CHRO, Philips
Sandeep Girotra
President & CHRO, DCM Shriram
Debashish Ghosh
Vice President , Berkadia, a Berkshire Hathway & Jeffries Financial Services Co.
Sandeep Gautam
CHRO, National Engineering Industries

As organizations scramble to project the trajectory of how work, workers and the workplace will evolve in the years ahead, the hybrid work setup has sparked a lot of debates around the correct practices of recognizing employees and motivating them remotely. While much focus is placed on technology in future-of-work discussions, this session delves into factors around how to evaluate and reward good practices and employee behaviors, along with the metrics that should be used to analyze effective recognition practices globally. 

Raj Tanwar
Chief Strategy Officer & Head HR, Advantage Club
Sailesh Menezes
Senior Director & Head, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sanjay Bose
Executive Vice President - Human Resources and Learning & Development
Madhavi Sagar
People & Organization Development, Uber
Devendra Dixit
Director - HR, Kemin Industries

The growing role of analytics in employers' decision-making, and the importance of reliable data becoming more vital to success in an uncertain and quickly evolving post-pandemic business environment is as clear as day. This session discusses the need to prioritize and leverage deep data analytics for hiring success. 

Rohan Sylvester
Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed India
James Job
Senior VP - Talent Acquisition India, Hinduja Global Solutions
Ravi Kumar
Head - HR, L&T Technology Services Limited
Satish Rajrathnam
Sr. VP HR & Global Head - Strategic Resourcing, Mphasis
Madhavi Sagar
People & Organization Development, Uber
Mohammed Hasan
Assistant Vice President, Genpact

Among the many reasons that exist behind hiring, improving the quality of workforce and increasing their productivity rank high. In an attempt to conduct interviews that get results and eliminate costly hiring mistakes, being as transparent as possible while keeping a watchful eye on what the numbers say, can be the deal maker or breaker. This session discusses key aspects of high-impact hiring to be mindful of.

S Pasupathi
Chief Operating Officer, HirePro
M Lakshmanan
CHRO, L&T Technology Services
Vivek Jain
Sr. Executive Vice President,, Kotak Mahindra Bank
Sahil Nayar
Senior Associate Director - HR, KPMG

As the workplace landscape changes, businesses must continue to find new ways to achieve business results with greater simplicity, global relevance and in a way that appeals to every member of the workforce. The good news is, technology enables just that! This session details how digital transformation can help create an all-in approach, beyond automation, with improved business agility, intelligent services and skills of a diverse workforce.

Nilanjan Adhya
Chief Digital Officer, BlackRock

Workplaces of the future will depend largely on technological investments. More so in the case of inclusive workplaces, where an opportunity to make the most of the untapped talent pool exists, by ensuring better accessibility and flexible work arrangements to suit every worker's unique needs. This session explores the nuances of leveraging technology to enable differently abled members of the workforce to maximize their abilities.

Sandeep Bidani
Partner - Consulting services, Positive Momentum India
Richa Bansal
Founder & Managing Director, Saarathee

While everyone talks about recognition and agrees that it is the key to driving culture and retention, this session will embark upon the key elements of recognition and how organizations can build their policies around the same. It will also touch on the key responsibilities that leaders, managers and peers should undertake to drive a world class rewards program and reduce attrition.

Smiti Bhatt Deorah
Co-Founder & COO, Advantage Club

The HR digital revolution is here and moving at rapid speed, and organizations are looking for new, effective, productive ways to meet the evolving demands of doing business-agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy. Leading organizations realize the need to disrupt or be disrupted, and have set the 'digital workplace revolution' ball rolling. Get inspired to stay ahead of the WorkTech curve! 

Pullela Gopichand
Chief National Coach, Indian Badminton team

The pandemic helped bring much-needed focus on the extent to which health and wellbeing has been impacted adversely by the lack of work-life balance. This session is aimed at putting the spotlight on the need to evolve beyond fitness to achieve holistic wellness.

Mrugesh Dholakia
Sanofi Healthcare, Head Commercial - Private Market

Join this session for the unveiling of the SHRM HR Excellence Awards Winners' Practices Playbook. The Playbook features the best in class case-studies of organisations that are leading the charge in HR best practices.  The ultimate guide to creating Excellent People Practices.

Achal Khanna
Nishith Upadhyaya
Nishith Upadhyaya
Sr. Director, Advisory Services, SHRM

SHRM is pleased to announce a partnership with Salto Dee Fee to make available to its clients contemporary psychometric tools and assessment solutions incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence and data science through ‘The talent enterprise’ suite of tools. This partnership will enable SHRM to offer extensive and exceptional insights into the intricacies of behavior in individuals, teams, and organizations, through its leading-edge, technology-enabled talent assessment and capability development solutions.

Rajan Kalia
Co-Founder, Salto Dee Fe
Nishith Upadhyaya
Nishith Upadhyaya
Sr. Director, Advisory Services, SHRM
Radhika Punshi
Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Talent Enterprise

People, undoubtedly, are an organization's most valuable asset; however, the pace and complexity at the workplace often calls for organisations to work closely with people in a sustained way, that will ultimately help achieve organizational goals. As the HR function evolves from a transactional role to one that is co-created by its people, this session explores how each of us can help 'Cause the Effect' when it comes to converting the HR function into the ultimate People Experience function.

Alexander Alonso
Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, Chief Knowledge Officer, SHRM
Sreekanth Arimanithaya
Global Talent & Enablement Services Leader, EY Global Delivery Services
Ankur Walunjkar
Head - HR, Reliance Jio
Ranjan Kumar
Chief Learning Officer, Akrivia HCM
Urvashi Singh
Senior - VP HR, Genpact

The fact that the Metaverse is slated to be the next big thing in the world of WorkTech, is known to all. Gain a quick overview of the practical aspects of its applicability across HR functions by way of use cases in this session.

Shanavaz S F
Senior Manager - L&D, Novac Technology Solutions

We are living in a 'blockchain world'… where the Metaverse is the virtual universe and NFTs rule the roost as building blocks of the next iteration of the internet, called Web 3.0! Having heard about these terms all too frequently in recent times, this session aims to establish a relation between the practical aspects of how these new technologies will impact the workplace.

Alun Evans
CEO & Co-Founder,

The secret ingredient for business success is most sought after in the present day VUCA times. One key element of success involves the way organizations catalyse their people ecosystem. As the future of HR takes form, an HR playbook that provides a practical guide to unlock every organization's people power, can be an handy tool.  

Krishnamurthy Shankar
Group Head- HR, Infosys

In recent times, business leaders have launched fresh initiatives for a digitally savvy enterprise, in order to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. However, driving change comes with a plethora of challenges especially for employees who have no option but to adapt. Thus, it is imperative that transformation occurs without losing the human touch. This debate showcases contrarian views on whether digital tools are fostering digital harmony or creating bigger problems as a result of digitized talent management.

Anand Shankar
Senior VP - Group HR & Director, Tata Management Training Center
Parag Pandey
Global HR Services Delivery Lead, Accenture
Richa Bansal
Founder & Managing Director, Saarathee
Shalini Lall
Founder, Unqbe
Rajesh Dhuddu
SVP & Global Head, Tech Mahindra

Moving forward takes innovation. Advancing our profession takes creative minds.  Bringing creativity to life takes resources.

SHRMLabs, powered by SHRM, is hosting the 2nd annual workplace tech search for the most pioneering, ground-breaking, original ideas that will reinvent how we do work.

Join the 2nd Global Semi Final at SHRM Tech which will be beamed live across the Globe

Guillermo Corea
Managing Director, SHRMLabs
Dibyendu Bikash Bose
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Admissions & Financial Aid, Indian School of Business
Alexander Alonso
Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, Chief Knowledge Officer, SHRM
Shalini Lall
Founder, Unqbe

Learning and development strategy today is revisiting questions around learning what, learning how, learning when and how much. Many organizations have adopted the concept of providing personalized training for employees via online learning courses offered by vendors, while some large companies have designed their own learning platforms. This session explores ways to enhance employee learning experience.

Runa Maitra
Advisor, SHRM
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Vice President, Strategy & Growth (India), Yellow.Ai
Harpreet Datta
Head TA & COE, GMR Group
Kaushik Sarathy
Associate Partner, HR Managed Services Lead, KPMG

Organizations are recognizing the innumerable benefits of leaders being enablers and coaches, more so in the present day VUCA times. While the focus is on technology in future-of-work, and other factors, such as remote employment and the gig economy play a large role in not only how work will be done, but who will be doing it and from where, this session discusses what it takes to be among the leading brands of tomorrow.

Jaspreet Bakshi
Partner, HR Leader for Global In-House Centre, India, Marsh McLennan
Reetu Raina
CHRO, Quick Heal Technologies Ltd
Abhilasha Dhaka
VP HR, Renault Nissan India
Mary Madhavi Reddy
AVP - Content, Xoxoday

We've all heard the saying 'Our people are our most valued asset'.  Without fully competent and capable assets, as a business we will struggle to achieve our goals. 

Recent events have led to an economic shift across the Globe.  The hybrid workplace is now a thing, the great resignation is crippling our business and technology won't stop changing.  Nine in ten executives and managers say their organisations either face skill gaps already or expect them to develop within the next five years.  How do we ensure we have the capability required to continue to function in this state of constant flux? 

In this session we will cover just this.  We will examine Global trends in capability development, the redundancy of the job description and strategies to adjust proactively to the changing demands of our new workplace.

Gail Matthey

While it is a known fact that there is a relatively low percentage of women in tech roles, the exact reasons behind this phenomenon are varied. Ranging from low confidence to the lack of skills in technology, as well as gender stereotyping and policies that actively discriminate against women, the reasons are many. This session explores what it takes for organizations to help foster more women in tech roles for business success.

Saurabh Singh
Associate Director Knowledge & Advisory, India & Sri Lanka, SHRM India
Vineeta Kukreti
Director - HR, Fiserv
Swatee Sarangi
Global Head - Learning, Leadership & Organization Development, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Shalini Macaden
VP - People Function, Mindtree

The use of Artificial Intelligence in human resources has been on an upswing. As the use of AI has grown, while it has opened up infinite possibilities, it also has attracted the concern of regulators and lawmakers about fairness and ethical issues tied to technology, which may perpetuate or even exacerbate existing challenges at the workplace. This session explores ways in which technology can be used to build future-proof organizations with the help of AI.

Leena Sahijwani
HR Leader - Change Enabler, Tata Group
Venkatesh Palabatla
Group CHRO, Nava Bharat Ventures
Srini Vudumula
Chief People Officer & Head-CSR, Bharat Finicial Inclusion
Chirayu Akotiya
Global Head - Product & Growth,

The fact that organizations need to build an inclusive culture before it starts recruiting for diversity is often overlooked. When recruiters consider understanding what aspects that the organization is explicitly inclusive or exclusive to, it is possible to zero in on the organization's identity and culture. This session will help identify ways to recruit high performers who embody the organizational culture.

Nina Alag Suri
Founder & CEO, X0PA AI
Prem Singh
CHRO, JK Organization
Samik Basu
CHRO, Hindalco
Pradeep R
Dassault Systemes Solutions Lab & DSGS

A hybrid work environment tends to accentuate the importance of technological investments. With employees toggling back and forth between remote and hybrid work, investments in new meeting solutions, collaboration and communication services, and personal productivity tools are proving to be critical to driving employee performance. This session explores the key steps organizations can take to begin shaping employees’ digital ambitions and abilities.

Saurabh Singh
Associate Director Knowledge & Advisory, India & Sri Lanka, SHRM India
Tuhin Biswas
CHRO, Emami Ltd.
Atul Sahgal
Head-TA (India & APAC),, Publicis Sapient
Swati Khandelwal
Senior Vice President, & Head HR, R1 RCM India
Nitin Wadhwa
Director- HR, UKG India

When the pandemic forced workplaces to shut their doors overnight, organizations achieved the unthinkable: working successfully with a remote workforce! As the hybrid work mode takes shape, it is up to businesses to identify the right strategy for success, with maximum employee buy-in, cross-functional significance and measurable results by way of effective rewards and recognition. This session explores details.

Rajesh Padmanabhan
MD (India), The ExCo Group Chairman, HONO CEO, Talavvy
Maneesh Menda
Head - HR, India, Natwest Group
Misha Nathani
Head Product Marketing, Gratifi
Lauren Huntington
Solution Strategist, Qualtrics

The role of a positive employer brand in attracting and retaining the right talent cannot be emphasized enough. Looking into the post-pandemic future, the need to focus on tech-enabled workforce innovation has immense prospects. This session is aimed at opening new avenues for workplace collaboration resulting in positive workspaces, enabled by technology. 

Sashi Kumar
Managing Director, Indeed
Rajshekhar Bhide
Head Talent Acquisition, Infosys BPM

As organizations continue to face recruiting and hiring challenges in the post-pandemic world characterized by record-level turnover, increased stress, high interview to hiring ratio, low joining ratio and significantly changed candidate expectations, it is innovative employer branding practices that can make all the difference. Join this session to explore ways to move to the next curve of leveraging technology to support an organizational strategy by improving hiring decisions.

Ankit Aggarwal
Founder & CEO,, Unstop

Even before the pandemic hit the world of work, organizations were warming up to the idea of adapting to remote working. In the gig economy, aspects such as managing remote work motivation and culture while maintaining workplace productivity are now a reality thanks to technology. This session discusses ways in which remote / hybrid work and HR Tech can work in tandem for business success.

Arun Satyan
Co-Founder, Hyreo
Vikas Baghel
Chief Growth Officer - India & MEA, PeopleStrong
Anil Santhapuri
Director - Skills Solutions, Global Talent Management, FIS
Taruna Reddy
Director- TA, Publicis Sapient
Rajesh Rai
VP - People Team & Head HR, GlobalLogic

Organizations tend to do a lot to keep employees happy, but subtle things like Insurance & Healthcare benefits when offered comprehensively can contribute immensely to employees staying untroubled throughout. As employee health and wellbeing take centre stage, this session considers different aspects of leveraging the HealthTech - WorkTech synergy.

Surbhi Dewan
GM HR, Ashiana Housing
Shravan Kumar Dullur
HR Director, Darwin Box
Sowmya CJ
Head LD & OD, Xceedance
Sindhuja Parthasarathy
Director - Future Readiness Global Talent Management, Mindtickle